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Listed here are the things we get asked about most: What size should I order? Everybody's different and getting things to fit from the internet can seem daunting. But to help you find the right size for you we've provided comprehensive size guides to help you. These guides are only guide, however, so use them to guide you toward finding the correct size for you. Why would I want to open an account? Well, the term account can mean different things: firstly, it can mean a standard business account allowing customers to purchase goods with 30 days to pay, and secondly, it can simply describe a way for web site customers to login and use their existing details like delivery address etc. without typing everything in again whenever they place an order with us! Our site works with the latter, an account meaning - web site account. The beauty is that you create a web site account with us and whenever you place an order you won't need to type out all your details again making paying for your goods much, much quicker. Payment is made at the time of ordering. As a holder of a web site account with us you will also be able to edit your details and keep track of your order history at any time. OK, so do I have to have a web site account to order from you? No, you don't need an account to order from us. You can simply move through the checkout clicking the option 'I'd like to order without opening an account'. What if I'm a business? Can I have a 30 day account? Yes of course, just contact us so we can set this up for you. How do I order goods from you? Simply browse the products we have and you'll see 'add to basket' button on every product page. Click this to add to your basket. You can do this as may times as you like. You can easily keep track of the contents of your basket at any time by looking over to the RHS under the title 'Your Basket' . Here you'll see a list of the items you've added. Once you've finished adding items to your basket you can click on 'checkout' button (also in 'Your Basket') to start the process of paying for your goods. Your basket will also let you know what the delivery charge will be and the amount of VAT. At the end of the process you will move to our secure payments area where you can enter your credit card details. We use SecureHosting (NatWest Streamline) or PayPal for our payments (we also take cheques). I see VAT content on my order, what does that mean? VAT is included in pretty much everything, with some exceptions. For VAT registered business customers it is very useful to show the total VAT content of the order. This is because VAT registered business customers can retrieve the VAT portion of the order so it is useful to know this amount. For non-business customers the VAT content is not really very useful at all as it is normal for non-business customers to pay the VAT on their purchases as standard.

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