Healthcare & Nurses Uniforms: Medical, Hospital, Surgical & Dental Tunics & Scrubs

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NHS approved healthcare uniforms and other medical professions

All uniforms we offer here at Clothing for Work are suitable for all healthcare / medical, dental and beauty professionals. Many of these categories are in high demand, which is why we understand the importance of a professional image and are able to offer all uniforms in a range of colours to suit all your uniform requirements. NHS approved Many of our healthcare / medical uniforms are NHS approved, which is crucial in a hospital environment for patients to recognize all members of staff. We offer a range of colours that are all approved by the NHS for that professional image for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. These include tunics and trousers for both male and female nurses in the approved NHS colours. All uniforms are of the best quality and assure to be comfortable to wear day in day out at an affordable price. Available also are medical / healthcare scrubs that can be used in theatre and attainable in NHS approved colours for a smart and professional appearance. Private Hospitals Clothing for work also offer a range of uniforms in a variety of colours specifically designed for the private health sector. Unique branding is created to give a professional image and to set all uniforms apart from from the average NHS approved uniforms. Our medical uniform specialists know the importance of a unique image within the private healthcare sector and provide the best solutions to the professional uniform requirements which include a comfortable feel with the best quality all at an affordable price. These uniforms are all available in a range of colours to suit your specific health department such as care homes, clinics, domiciling care and others, who are all seeking that unique yet professional image in front of patients. Salon and Beauty Uniforms We provide a range of unique uniforms suitable for all salon and beauty professionals. These are all available with unique branding, and more importantly a range of colours to guarantee that your uniforms stand out to all your customers whilst demonstrating that all important professional appearance. We understand the importance of your professional image which is why we are able to offer a variety of colours to suit your profession best.

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